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Prospecta Software partners with Illumiti

SAP OEM partner Prospecta today announced that it has signed a partnership with SAP ERP Systems Integrator Illumiti. Together, Prospecta and Illumiti will bring the power of integrated MDO/ERP solutions to small and mid-sized companies. It’s no secret that companies continue to struggle with how to properly cleanse, migrate and govern data for enterprise application[...]
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Amazon Alexa & Lex on Master Data Online

Do we really need an on-boarding process for new applications in the workplace? In the current day and age, it is important to keep up with the quality of life improvements on enterprise apps as well. Would it not be amazing to manage your work activities with voice commands?  May be the app can teach[...]
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Are you worried about Data Quality & Data…

Are you worried about Data Quality & Data Migration after mergers & acquisitions? MDO is the answer to easily migrate master data from legacy system to new system with quality A leading oil & gas company based in Australia is using MDO to fulfill their data migration needs. With the acquisition of a new business[...]
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Lost Control of your Data- Manage it with MDO

Today, more than ever before, enterprises are absolutely drowning in data. The situation is being exacerbated by digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) in addition to an increasing number of locations, growing number of non-IT users, mobile access, and automation. Taken together, the need for effective master data management and governance is becoming increasingly[...]
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